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Conrady Consultant Services  is a nationwide professional  water storage tank inspection company specializing in ROV inspection, ROV water tank inspection, ROV pipeline inspection, other ROV tank inspection, underwater tank inspection, drained tank inspection, NFPA 22 and 25 fire water tank inspection.  We do both drained inspection and underwater ROV inspection of all types and sizes of storage tanks except for petroleum products.  We inspect inground, groundlevel, and elevated tanks constructed out of poured in place reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, composite, welded steel, riveted steel, bolted steel, glass lined bolted steel, fiberglass, and hydropneumatic tanks.  Since our ROV documents the water temperature throughout your tank from side to side and top to bottom, we determine whether or not your water storage tank has water stratification and evaluate if you need a water mixing system or the effectiveness of your existing water mixing system.

Drained Inspections

This is a drained tank inspection.

This is a drained tank inspection. Our P.E. inspector measuring the depth into metal of the pitting corrosion in a drained welded steel tank.

Pipeline Interior Inspections

Our ROV inside a pipeline.  Our ROV pipe inspection determined that this valve was open and working.

Our Hydropneumatic Tank Inspections

Florida Department Of Environmental Regulation – Florida Administrative Code Chapter 62-555 Permitting, Construction, Operation, And Maintenance Of Public Water Systems Section 350 – Operation And Maintenance Of Public Water Systems – Paragraph 2 requires that your “Finished Water Storage Tanks, Including Conventional Hydropneumatic Tanks With An Access Manhole, Be Inspected For Structural And Coating Integrity At Least Once Every 5 Years By Personnel Under The Responsible Charge Of A Professional Engineer Licensed In Florida.”

Our Professional Engineer (P.E.) Inspector Is Licensed In Florida And Your Inspection Reports Will Be Signed And Stamped By A Florida P.E.

A hydro tank inspection.

The amount of interior coating failure is determined and the depth into metal of the pitting corrosion is measured.  The metal thickness of the tank is measured with an ultrasonic gauge to determine the structural integrity of the tank. 

Critical Phase And Final Acceptance Inspections

Our inspector testing the paint thickness during an interior recoat.

Our inspector testing the paint application for holidays with a wet sponge tester during an interior recoat.