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Conrady Consultant Services  is a nationwide professional  water storage tank inspection company specializing in ROV inspection, ROV water tank inspection, ROV pipeline inspection, other ROV tank inspection, underwater tank inspection, drained tank inspection, NFPA 22 and 25 fire water tank inspection.  We do both drained inspection and underwater ROV inspection of all types and sizes of storage tanks except for petroleum products.  We inspect inground, groundlevel, and elevated tanks constructed out of poured in place reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, composite, welded steel, riveted steel, bolted steel, glass lined bolted steel, fiberglass, and hydropneumatic tanks.  Since our ROV documents the water temperature throughout your tank from side to side and top to bottom, we determine whether or not your water storage tank has water stratification and evaluate if you need a water mixing system or the effectiveness of your existing water mixing system.

Our Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Water Tank Inspections:


Our work van.

Our ROV setup is portable enough to get to your tank. Our ROV setup is portable enough to get to your lake intake.

Inspection of an inground concrete reservoir with roots through the concrete.

Note the shadow of our ROV on the floor..

Our ROV NFPA 22 - 25 fire water storage tank inspection so the facility does not lose fire protection just for an inspection.

Our ROV easily moves the silt  aside to meet NFPA 22-25 tank bottom inspections. Our ROV inspection is absolutely perfect for floating cover and lined reservoirs which is hazardous for divers. Our ROV warranty inspection of a 30 million gallon concrete tank.